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N. 11 - 26 giu 2013
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Navigating the future

In its new position paper, 'Navigating the Future IV', the European Marine Board, which involves Cnr, scans the horizon to anticipate emerging societal challenges and corresponding future research priorities concerning the seas and oceans. The paper demonstrates the key role of marine science in addressing societal challenges and supporting blue growth. It outlines the tools and technologies that will be needed to realize these opportunities including the next generation of ocean observation infrastructure. It also examines the training and skills that will be required by tomorrow’s marine experts, and the importance of creating better interactions between marine scientists, policy makers and the general public.

"'Navigating the Future IV' provides a blueprint for the next phase of seas and oceans research in Europe”, explains Niall McDonough, executive scientific secretary of the European Marine Board and editor of the paper. “A huge number of scientists, science networks and stakeholders contributed to this paper so the final product represents the collective voice of a large marine community".

At a recent special launch event in Brussels attended by representatives of 44 stakeholder organizations the paper was presented to Máire Geoghegan Quinn, Eu Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science and Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur for the Eu Horizon 2020 Programme.

Speaking at the event, Máire Geoghegan Quinn explained, "The Marine Board plays a major role in promoting marine science and technology in Europe which is vital for achieving sustainable ocean science and management. The launch of Navigating the Future IV is particularly timely as we prepare for the first Horizon 2020 programme. Navigating the Future IV will be a valuable source of ideas and common priorities in the area of marine sciences, providing a vision for science and technology in Europe".

Maria da Graça Carvalho, highlighted the vital role that the marine sector plays in the blue economy which is "central to Europe´s prosperity and wellbeing". She also announced that "a separate, visible and new activity named Cross Cutting Marine and Maritime Research, has been introduced in the Horizon 2020 programme. This separate activity will maximise the synergies between research areas when conducting research in the marine and maritime environments".

The event of Brussels also launched EurOcean 2014, a major conference focusing on marine science grand challenges to be held in Rome on 7-9 October 2014. The announcement was made by Enrico Brugnoli, European Marine Board delegate for the National Research Council in Italy (Cnr) on behalf of the three Italian Marine Board member organizations, Cnr, CoNisMa and Ogs, coorganizers of the conference. "EurOcean is one of the most important events in marine and maritime research for both scientists and policy makers", he said.

In looking forward to the EurOcean 2014 conference, Máire Geoghegan Quinn, Eu Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science noted that "Eurocean is considered as a top science conference in Europe which delivers concrete messages to science and policy. These are instrumental in strengthening the knowledge base for Europe and developing common priorities in the area of marine sciences".

Fonte: Enrico Brugnoli, Dipartimento Terra e ambiente del Cnr, tel. 06/49933836, email direttore@dta.cnr.it