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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 6 - 26 mar 2014
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


A conference for research managers and administrators

The 20th annual conference of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (Earma) will take place from June 30 until July 2 in Tallinn University, Estonia. It marks the start of Horizon 2020 and will focus on the new challenges ahead in the context of a new approach, new compliance issues, international collaborations and the need for research and innovation management to foster professional development for all stakeholders.

Earma members work in industry, academia, the public and private sectors. It cooperates with the EU Commission, national and international funding agencies and it provides a networking forum, a learning platform, and a place to share experiences and best practice among RM&As throughout Earma and in the wider RM&A community.

Per saperne di più: - www.earma.org/Default.aspx?pageId=1520398&eventId=760021&EventViewMode=EventDetails