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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 3 - 14 apr 2010
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Sun New Energy: Conference and Exhibition in Sicily

Jointly organized by the Palermo's University department of chemical engineering and by Cnr's Institute of nanostructured materials, the 'Sun new energy conference and exhibition (SuNEC 2010)' will take place in Sicily, Italy, October 13 through 15, 2010. It is one of Europe's 2010 premiere meetings in the field of solar energy with the participation of eminent researchers, including Aldo Steinfeld, Raplh J. Nuzzo, Athanasios Kostandopoulos and Vincenzo Balzani.
The distinguishing feature of the conference is its focus on the practical aspects of sun's energy conversion in every major applicative field, covering the latest developments in the solar energy science and industry. All the topics related to sun's energy -Pv, solar thermal, sun-powered vehicles and solar hydrogen - will be discussed in the first Europe's region that has already reached the "grid-parity", namely the point at which the price of photovoltaic electricity equals that of conventional power.
"We envision a stimulating scientific event where managers, policy makers, energy professionals, scientists, environmentalitst, consumers, bankers and journalists meet in one plenum to present and discuss all aspects of solar energy, opening up possibilities of engaging in meaningful collaboration at regional and global levels", says Mario Pagliaro, co-chairman for SuNEC 2010.
The scientific and exhibition program includes seven plenary lectures, thirty oral communications (including eight session lectures), one large poster session, along with one permanent exhibition session.
Those interested in participating are invited to visit the conference website (www.solar-conference.eu) and download the registration form within June 30.


Fonte: Pagliaro Mario, Istituto per lo studio dei materiali nanostrutturati, Palermo, tel. 091/6809370, email mario.pagliaro@ismn.cnr.it