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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 3 - 13 feb 2013
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali

International info

First intact samples from an Antarctic subglacial lake


Wissard consortium, that involves Cnr-Idpa, successfully drilled through the overlying ice sheet  and sampled directly the waters and sediments of subglacial lake Whillans. They will be processed to answer questions related to the structure and function of subglacial microbial life, climate history, and contemporary ice sheet dynamics

di Cecilia Migali

Bioelectric signals to detect early cancer


Scientists have discovered a bioelectric event that can identify cells that are likely to develop into tumors. The results are published in 'Disease Models and Mechanisms'

di Cecilia Migali

Cognitive neuroscience: the frontier of knowing ourselves  


The fourth edition of the Erice international school of science journalism will take place from May 25 to 29 and will focus on the investigation of the human brain function


di Cecilia Migali

Esof 2014: call for proposals


Copenhagen will host Euroscience Open Forum in 2014. It will gather both young and established researchers to facilitate a dialogue between business leaders, media, policymakers and the wider public. Deadline for session proposals is May 9, 2013

di Cecilia Migali